Inpirational layout ideas
To help you create a monster of a website




Your home page is your best chance for a GOOD first impression!

A typical homepage consists of a summary of you and your services starting with a warm welcome note followed by dedicated areas about the services you offer, a brief summary of contact details, some image galleries about your work, perhaps some feedbacks you might have received from your previous clients

This is where we come in to help you realize what is best for you and your visitors

…& the idea is to provide you with an option to mix’n match from various box and layout ideas you see here! Based on your choices we will then create a draft for revision so that you can make further changes to color schemes etc. if you like.

We build websites that contains elements for old school too! Cuz we want every visitor to understand how to navigate on your site… We like following new trends but we do not expect the older generation to follow this trend like we do. Instead we create pages that are easy to understand and follow by ALL!

“COMING SOON” Page samples to use while we build your site

….that is if you don’t already have a site and this is a new venture
Have a solid color, slideshow, youtube video or a single image as background. Please click on images to view live versions.