Happy to be at your service


Happy to be at your service

Beard trim and design £ 16

The core trait of a Bladed man is to look and feel a cut above the rest. The shape and sharpness of your beard, the freshness of your face and how it feels on your fingertips are all taken care of with this treatment. Your master barber will trim and style your beard, making sure to clean up any nasty areas. Now you look pristine, Blade concludes the ceremony with an invigorating hot towel and massage to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised

Shampoo, cut & Finish £ 26

Let Blade rinse away the day-to-day stresses, rest your feet and enjoy a free beverage or luxury hot towel: and that’s before the haircut… Whether you know the look you desire or need some creative guidance, our master barbers will design and refine your hair with isolated precision. Our blades are as sharp as their handlers, and believe us – there’s nothing they can’t handle.

Traditional cut throat shave £ 18

As Blade’s most current visitor, you will always be the topic of pampering and luxurious grooming; this classic wet shave treatment is no different. The master barber will get down to business here using traditional cut-throat razors rendering an immaculate shave. Eyebrows will be trimmed and ears flamed. This is topped off with Blade’s speciality hot towel treatment and massage, executing a smooth sensation to leave you feeling like the best version of London’s finest man.

Buz cutt (1,2,3) £ 16

Ideal if you like to keep your hair clippered short all over, this brisk service is carried out with precision to achieve an even clipper cut (Grades 1-3). Service comes as standard with an initial wash service followed by your barber shaping the edges with a straight edge razor. The final part of the package is the popular inclusion of a hot towel, arm, and head massage; to make sure Blade leaves you tension-free, for at least a minute of your day anyway

Skin fade & Buz cutt (1,2,3) £ 22

Bald base transitioning to requested length on top. Low, mid, or high. To keep a tight look, we recommend that you pop in every three weeks.

Full Blade £ 43

Blade knows that every prestigious gentleman should treat himself every now and then. Our barbers can play architect as well as artist, so sit back as they transform your hair style into a masterpiece. The upmost polished shave, wash, cut and style are presented on a platter of pampering and you are the lucky recipient. We finish with face mask & the tranquil hot towel and massage treatments to awaken your senses. Step out of the chair with confidence as you venture forth knowing you’ll stand out from the crowd as a brand new man.

Little gents (up to 12) £ 17

At Blade Barbers we take real pride in our warm and friendly atmosphere, which makes Blade the perfect choice for families of all ages, including those tidy trim’s for your little ones!

Face mask £ 8

Having unhealthy or blemished skin totally destroys your confidence. Surely, your peace of mind and focus is worth spending 20 minutes with a rejuvenating face mask on your skin. Using a men’s facial mask can help you to achieve that simultaneously “rugged” and well-put-together look again.

Neck trim & clean up£ 8

A fast moving professional or just need to look your best in a hurry? Give your style a quick, professional refresh. come in for a neck trim and clean-up in one of our branches. . For clean ups, our highly skilled barbers do a fantastic job fast.

Waxing £ 7

Do you have unwanted facial hair? You know, those annoying little stragglers on your face that you just can’t seem to get rid of? The good news is that it’s easy to banish them through facial hair waxing. And we, at The Blade, are here to help you get rid of those unwanted facial hairs on your nose, ear and cheek

Please note different prices apply for Mill Hill Branch. CLICK HERE to see prices for Mill Hill.

Shampoo, cut & Finish £21
Traditional cut & Throat shave £17
Buzz cut (1,2,3) £14
Beard Trim & Design £14
Little Gents (12) £14
Face Mask £8
Neck trim & Clean Up £8
Waxing £7
Full Blade Experience £36


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